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Selling your business can be one of the most important transactions of your life. For many owners, selling their business which they have spent years to build, can be emotionally difficult and at times extremely stressful. Therefore, at Kauri Business Sales, we aim to make this a smooth, transparent and rewarding process for all stakeholders. There can be numerous reasons to sell your business – old age, health, financial difficulties, time constraints, migration, management issues, etc. We want to make sure that you are connecting with our team of experienced, and knowledgeable business sales specialists who will provide you an unmatchable experience that you will proudly share with the wider business communities.

At Kauri Business Sales we care about the success of all our clients. We make an effort to understand your situation and are committed to provide appropriate advice based on current market research. Our highly qualified professional team takes you from preparing your business for sale to negotiating an actual final sale by identifying the perfect buyer, from a range of interested participants. We ensure 100% confidentiality and integrity in all our dealings.   A confidentiality agreement will be signed by all prospective buyers Any preliminary information shared with third parties will not disclose our client's identity.

A quality business appraisal forms an integral part in selling your business in a timely manner. We prioritise confidentiality at every step of the deal and ensure that the true identity of the business is never revealed in public until we have been instructed to do so. Many times, at various stages of the deal, all parties involved could face challenging situations, resulting in the deal to fall. During this time professional intervention by us can navigate a deal to a successful completion.

At Kauri Business Sales, our goal is to achieve price maximisation by creating competitive tension in the process, resulting in a transaction that gets completed faster. So, if you are considering selling your business or simply wanting to know what your business is worth, complete the form below or call us now for a confidential chat.

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